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My Fellow Pilgrims,

Today I share with you, for your discernment, a Word from the Lord that was presented recently at  a Charismatic Mass in our community. I am sharing this word with you because I believe that it is of value to all Christians. I pray that it will bless you as it has blessed me.

Yours in Christ ….  Bartimeaus

<><><><> A word from the Lord <><><><><>

I  have heard your cry my children, I have heard your cry and my heart is open to your requests for an open door .

Yes, many of you are seeking my call in  your lives and I rejoice in your response to my Word regarding the opening of doors in your lives.

Behold an Open Door ...

That is why I have come to guide you my children so that you may understand how to arrive at the open door I hold for each of you – yes for each of you!  For whether you realize it or not there is an open door to the calling I have for each of you.

I am not holding back from answering your request – it will come, it will come, and if you endure in faith it will be revealed to you – but first you must  understand that there are obstacles in your way. And I am giving you this word tonight so that you may become aware of the primary obstacle you face in finding the door  I have opened to you.

This obstacle my dear ones is your very self – yes, your very self. Because, you see, that although you have asked, you are seeking in the wrong place. You are seeking your own fulfillment – the fulfillment of your own self-centered dreams and visions.

No, my children, when my word says to “Seek and you shall Find”, it is not to seek the doors or solutions that you want – it is to seek ME to seek My Face- it is this that I am urging you to do.

For it is only in seeking  My face and My Will, that  you will find ME and in finding Me you will find the door that I have opened to you  – the door that no man can shut.

For it is only when you open the door to your hearts and let me in to  sup with you that I can unite my heart with yours so that you can see with your spiritual eyes and see the door that I have opened. It is in this way that My Father’s Will  is to be accomplished in your lives for my Glory and the Glory of His Kingdom. All you need to do is “Ask and you will Receive”!

But when you ask my children, ask not for yourselves but Ask for Me, to Seek Me, to come Face-to -face with Me, to have me sup with you in an intimate union of hearts.  Then over our intimate reunion I will gradually open the eyes of your hearts to see what my will and calling for you really is.

Then and only then, will you see and Find the door I have called you to enter. And then and only then will you have the strength and empowerment to enter that door and carry out my calling to bring forth fruit for my Glory!

I love you my children , Seek ME in everything and I guarantee you will Find My Way for you in your lives!



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